Two Pixies Later.

When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. ~James Matthew Barrie

It was into the land of make-believe that Jacquie and I were to traverse. It is a place that as adults we so rarely and reluctantly want to visit. But at the thought of playing dress-up with two six year old little girls we were inspired and excited to be immersed once again into that place and this time we were able to capture what our imaginations conceived. Meet Alyssa and Catherine.

It started on the playground, where there are so many different ways to jump start the magical energy inside all of us. This was not only an opportunity for the girls to become comfortable with us but also for us to become immersed into their world. We four meshed splendidly and as the girls reached for the sky in their swings we captured their timeless expressions.

And as with all children, boredom and the want for more ensued so we headed towards a grassy patch to play with the ever-fascinating bubbles. The wind was so strong that all the girls had to do was hold out their soapy wands and let Mother Nature bring to life the invisible balloons; and away they went! Up to the heavens they flew…as did their giggles, high above the tree tops only to be stopped by the film in our camera.

Dress-up followed the adventure of the soapy, air balloons. Inside of a large hat box, lied the trimmings to become a princess, fairy, or prima donna. At this point, Lux and I were just as excited as the girls. They had changed into pretty little dresses, and were about to dawn whatever their hearts desired. The fairy wings were the first to go on followed by the makings to become a queen. And into the Flower Castle they went in search of the elusive butterflies.

What other creatures might you find in a land as enchanting as this?




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  1. Yeni says:

    I LOVE THE PICS….can’t wait to see more

    • Jacqueline says:

      So excited you both love the pictures. There are TONS more to show you, we should be working on all of them by weeks end!! :-)

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